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CUMANN SHEÁIN UÍ NÉILL      ”Mól an Óige agus Tíocfaidh sí “
Camloch, Co. Ard Mhacha

Cairde Sheáin Uí Néill of Shane O’Neill’s, are people who have a strong belief and a firm committment to the Camloch area and its people.   

We believe Camloch is an important place… because its our place. We believe its young people are important ….. because they’re our young people. Above all we believe that a hugely important contributor to the life and wellbeing of our young people is the Shane O’Neill’s GAA Club.   




Who Are We?




Cairde Sheáin Uí Néill







Like the rest of Ireland, our local area changes on a daily basis. Not all that change is good and our young people in particular face new and growing pressures and difficulties.


We unashamedly see Cumann Sheáin Uí Néill and our delivery of gaelic games as a bulwark against those pressures and difficulties. Everything we do at the club is aimed at:










The work we do – or don’t do – now will shape the Shane O’Neill’s of the future. And that is something vitally important for all of us.



“ Mura gcuirfidh tú san earrach,

Ní bhainfidh tú san fhómhar “








What We Do?




All the work we deliver as a club at Shane O’Neill’s and elsewhere is provided on a voluntary basis. We are GAA people because we believe in the GAA and because we believe in the well-being of the local area and its people.


But building and maintaining a club like ours costs money. Volunteer effort isn’t enough on it’s own. That’s where Cairde Sheáin Uí Néill (The Friends of Shane O’Neill’s) comes in.


Cairde S.O.N members agree to contribute £10 per month, for a set period or open-ended, to help us make Shane O’Neill’s better for our young people. In return we’ll provide our part of that better Shane O’Neill’s. We think that’s a very good deal for everyone.


We won’t use your money for our day-to-day running costs but will instead dedicate it to structured development work above, improving our facilities and the programmes we provide for our young people.


“ Bígí linn is cuidigh linn “


Download the ‘Standing Order Form’ below and return it to:


Brendan Osborne


29, Lisdarragh

Armagh Road

Newry Co.Down

BT35 6AF


(028) 30251254 or 07543806274


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